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Preferential Voting in Australia

I am surprised to learn that there are Australian voters who do not know how preferential voting works. Many think that, because Fred got more first-choice votes than anyone else, that Fred should be elected.

That is how First Past the Post works. It's not the Australian Way.

Others think that, because "Labor gives its preferences to The Greens", and vice versa, that if they choose Labor 1, that if Labor doesn't win, that their vote goes to The Greens.

It doesn't work that way either.

A Great Big New Tax

This is a phrase much used by the opposition in Australia's parliament in the past weeks.

The Australian Labor Government has decided to levy a new supertax on the superprofits made by large mining companies.

There were rumours about this new tax before its announcement, and the price of shares in BHP had been moving down since the recent intra-day peak of $44.93 on 2010-04-06.

Early April I placed a conditional order to buy a parcel at $40.00, expecting it would be some time before the order filled.

Compensation for Butcher

In February 2008, police were called to a drunken brawl outside a Joondalup tavern. In the course of events, Constable Matthew Butcher suffered serious injuries, and is partly paralysed in consequence.

The people charged as a consequence were, very controversially, acquitted. They alleged that the police used excessive force and that they were simply defending themselves.

Following the trial, the police announced that Constable Butcher was ineligible for criminal compensation.

I should hope not. The jury found there was no criminal conduct.

Interest rates

Today, the Reserve Bank of Australia has reduced the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.00%. This is the overnight money market interest rate. This is the latest in a series of changes since October 8, 2008 when the official rate as 6.00%.

You can see the details here.

According to the Reserve Bank, the "cash rate is the rate charged on overnight loans between financial intermediaries. It has a powerful influence on other interest rates and forms the base on which the structure of interest rates in the economy is built."

A fit and proper punishment

Picture this.

You're driving a car. Maybe you've had one too many, maybe you've had one less than too many, maybe you're just tired.

Your car wanders across the road, to the wrong side. At this point, one of several things might happen.

  1. You wake up to the misadventure, resume control, return to the correct side and complete your journey safely.
  2. You continue

Too much conflict

The world is in conflict, and I am not talking about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

It's right here in Australia. You go to the footy, and get abused by supporters of the other team. On the way out, this happens:
"Demons player's father assaulted at MCG."

That's pretty serious stuff. Parents pull their kids out of junior sports for less than that.

About me

I work with computers. Maybe I work on computers. I've written computer programs in divers languages many of which you, Dear reader haven't hear. Such as COMPASS, Fortan, COBOL, PL/1, C, C++, REXX, Assembler (for IBM and Fujitsu mainframes and for Intel 8086-family processors and for Z80s), Natural, Perl and many more.

I've been paid to write programs, to write about writing programs and even to talk about writing programs.

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