Events Checklist Venu Selection

Access - disabled, traffic, parking, staff parking, emergency vehicles

Audience, facilities - food, drink, seating, storage

Facilities & Venue appropriate for the audience. Size.

P 74, activity 1
Develop a checklist for a venue inspection and then "visit" two or three venues

my event: Chess Tournament

  • Quiet (soft floor, vinyl planks probably unsuitable, carpet is good)

  • Accommodation for 20-40 chess players

  • Times available. A weekend chess tournament would require access during a weekend (maybe including the prior evening). For a successful weekly event, such as a tournament conducted at the club's rooms, evening access is essential.

  • Parking

  • Kitchen facilities - hot drinks nice, but water is adequate.

  • Toilets

  • Access to public transport, particularly rail, is good, but not realistic for Mandurah.

  • low cost.

Suitable venues would include

  • church halls

  • community halls such as those Mandurah City has on offer.

While I have been able to virtually view higher class venues such as those at The Sebel, and there is little doubt they are fine venues, even for chess, their cost is too great.

Lower rent venues are not promoted so vigorously, and while I have found details of one venue, the Mandurah Senior Cits place, those images went to access and safety (and the web page is truly horrible) and not to facilities. I did visit the venue some year ago, and it's generally suitable, but availability might be problematic.

The following are venues I have seen used by chess clubs for their regular meetings. Each tournament can be considered an event, and all clubs have tournaments open to accredited players who are not members. These events are generally styled as "Open," so "Mentone Open Championship," "Perth Open Championship" and so on. Some open events are run on weekends (weekenders) to make it easier for players to commute or travel. players from Perth or Fremantle or Midland are more likely to play in Mandurah if they can travel once and play two or three games than if they played one game per week.

Venues I have seen.
In the early nineties I was a member of the Waverley Chess Club in Victoria. It met in Wadham House, a building acquired and maintained by the City of Waverley for the use of community organisations such as the chess club, the scrabble club, the camera club, Rostrum. The building was a converted house, located on the verge of the Mount Waverley shopping centre, about 100 metres from the Mt Waverley Station and near the Waverley Senior High School. It comprised three lettable areas, each $14.00 per session. Over the course of the year, the club varied in its use from one to three areas, the last used during the Waverley Open when players from other clubs were particularly welcomed and had the prospect of meeting some of Victoria's strongest players including several times Australian Champion, Darryl Johansen.

Each area was carpeted, there was a full kitchen, and there was good on-street parking. There is now off-street parking to, although I don't recall whether there was back then.

The Metro Chess Club meets at Drabble House in Nedlands. The club uses two rooms, both carpeted, and the House sports am old-fashioned kitchen complete with a kitchen table. A custom the club has which I find kinda cute, kinda nice, is to call a halt to games in progress to share a nice cuppa and a biscuit or two. Players can, at any time, avail themselves of a drink of their choice, tee, coffee or (my choice), water. Drabble house shares a car park with the Nedlands library. At times I've played there, there has always been adequate parking.

Perth Chess Club meets in a primary school in Woodvale. At the time I visited, I enquired as to the rent they pay. At the time, they paid no rent, but they also ran a chess club for the kids on another evening. They meet in the staff room and, while I don't specifically recall kitchen facilities, they must exist for the benefit of staff. Parking on the school grounds is ample.


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CWA, 19 Cooper St

CWA 19 Cooper St Mandurah
Contact: Mrs Frances Chester 9535 7406. Mrs C lives nearby.
$45.00 per evening.
Historic hall
On-site parking
Interior unseen

Mandurah PS

North Mandurah PS

Contact Principal Bruce Bray
9535 5800

Park Road
Mandurah (is this actually Greenfields?)

Lakelands Community House

Located in Lakelands, Jasper St? off Catalina Dr.

Located in Lakelands, off Catalina Dr

Contact Mandurah Council

New house, interior unseen. Ample parking.

I tried to view the house last Friday, key was not available. Arranged to collect on Tuesday (tomorrow). Note, more keys to be cut today, April 2.

Meadow Springs Primary

Contacted by phone, asked to email Ashley King. Did so, no response.

Phoned again, advised "We will respond to your email."

Eastlake Church

Phone 9581 3849

Heaps of parking
Access off Murdoch Drive
Two "classrooms" are suitable for a club although their floors are hard, not carpeted.
Sink, refrigerator but no kettle. Kettles are cheap!

Main auditorium seats 150 or so im a congregation configuration, would be suitable for a major tournament. Cafe facilities would provide adequate kitchen facilities.