HP Z400

Some time ago I purchased an HP Z400 with a quad-core XEON processor, 2x500 Gbyte disks, 8 Gbytes RAM & Quadro 600 graphics from a Mandurah HP dealer, now defunct. (The dealer is still listed on your website:
Supernova Computers
Unit 1 58 Reserve Drive
Mandurah WA 6210).

I did so believing I was purchasing a computer of outstanding quality that would serve me for many years, and certainly longer than HP's consumer computers and office desktop computers such as its DC7900.

At some point I upgraded the system to 16 Gbytes of RAM.

I was dismayed a few months ago to encounter this problem. It was working, I enabled the BIOS Compute option for the PCIe slots and then it did not work. Unless I misunderstand page 44 of the Z400 QuickSpecs, the compute option is in fact a valid choice for my system.

I Googled extensively and discovered this discussion.

I took it to a nearby PC dealer, not an HP retailer as I don't know of one in my area, who diagnosed the problem as a failed motherboard. I know that is what the six beeps indicates. The dealer is Austin Computers, in Rockingham, ph 08 9202 0102. I expect that if you contact them and ask whether I took them Z400 to them, they will confirm it.

If I had any reason to suppose its life would be so short, I would not have bought it. To my mind it's failed the durability test.

One of the essential requirements was to run Linux. Initially, I used Debian and subsequently CentOS 6. I added RAM, intending to use a newly-acquired DC7900 for my Linux work, and the Z400 for photographic purposes.