About me

I am a beginner woodworker. So far, I have established space for a workshop, and equipped it with some of the equipment I anticipate I will need.

At present, this includes a compound mitre saw, a table saw, various powered hand tools such as routers, a jigsaw, belt sander (bought mainly to trim a door that had some steel visible at the bottom), random orbital sander

I have enrolled in woodworking courses run by Swan TAFE. "Students" get to make a project of their (directed) choice, have access to lots of extremely expensive toys and someone to show them how to use it, and to offer advice as their project proceeds.

It's been my experience so far that students choices are a little ambitious, but in my own case I intend to be able to complete any unfinished projects in my home workshop. The problem lack of equipment will be solved over time by the simple matter of needed expenditure. Basic skills I expect to acquire from my courses at TAFE, and lack of experience I intend to compensate for my simply taking my time, discarding mistakes where I cannot overcome them. There is no rush, an hour spent working on wood is an hour in a pleasant pastime regardless of how productive it is, and better to redo something than live with its unsatisfying consequences.

I've just had a term at Thornlie, unfortunately it's not available for the next term, the instructor has too much on his plate. There, I learned to use a jointer, a thicknesser and had some more practice with a router. At home, I edge-laminated some boards for two table tops. I discovered that my GMC biscuit joiner doesn't eject the sawdust, at all, when cutting holes in Tassie Oak. I will be looking for a replacement, removal of the cover plate to remove the sawdust does not appeal to me.

I also read up on cutting tapers legs, and introduced Instructor Adrian to a technique he didn't already know. He's going to teach it to his students.

One of the eight legs I made is a dud, need more wood to make a new leg, and if I think it necessary I will make four new legs, just to be sure they're all the same.