Download wzcsvc. Now

My goodness!!

It happens I know about a program with that name, it's Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service. It's a standard part of my Windows XP system, and probably of every release of Windows since Windows 2000. Maybe earlier releases too.

Since it is a standard part of Windows, it's almost certain you already have it on your Windows computer, and provided you run Windows Update (or Microsoft Update) regularly, whether automatically or manually, it's pretty certain you already have the latest version of it, and it's the version designed to work best with your version of Windows.

Downloading it from another site is just plain crazy. It's one of the better ways to get your computer infected with malware.

The fact that the website says, "You can download wzcsvc. free of charge and 100% virus-free" does not mean it's virus-free. Would you expect them to tell you it's virus-infested? Of course not!

Note that in this particular case, the site does not make that claim, but the link from Google does. I imagine this header does the trick:

but it's perfectly possible to serve different content depending on which browser, and Google uses a particular "browser" that ordinary people do not.